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24 October 2013 @ 06:21 am
Galaxy Note 2  
I finally own you *happy dance*. It's a year late and there's Note 3 already but only now I can afford it. Note 3 still too expensive. T-T

I try to sleep early with the hope that I'll wake upon my own earlier but I wake up late too. It means I sleep more than usual ne? Anyway update on my life: I had finished my trial period at work so my status now '60% employee' something like that for about a year or two. OTL I don't remember that part on my contract. Then I'll rise to 80% employee for another year then full employee. My road still far ahead. yesterday my co worker ask me 'do I like working there. I answer him 'It's ok. I could hold on. Anyway I'm very not looking forward to another job hunting.' Doesn't sound optimistic right? I hope he's not asking for my boss.

Yesterday I read Stars Made of Paper by rinmonsterer
http://rinmonsterer.livejournal.com/51816. It's AU because Brian still in college & Justin in HS. This Brian really lonely & stupid imo. There are moments when I wanna scream at him for being clueless. The other times I wanna hug him.
I read season I recap from Sakesushimaki too. Reading recaps or any discussion of QAF still give me warm feeling & make me smile. (^_______^)