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30 January 2015 @ 07:20 pm
Does being an MLM agent really the same as being your own worker?  
So I have a friend who's lately back being active in FB. He & his gf were auditor in one of big four audit company. I know he's been working like crazy. He can work until 1:00am, come home then back to work in 7:00am. There are times when he have to sleep at the office. Lately, probably because he plan to get married, he realize that he doesn't want to keep living like that anymore so he quit his job & full time selling mlm product.

He said 'why working for someone else when you can work hard for yourself'. Something like that. Well afaik he already got 4 of our friends as his downline. I have no interest in his business, except trying one of diet program drink.
I joined Or*fl*m* once before because it's my mom's friend who approach me through my mom. The membership fee is cheap so I thought 'whatever... at least I can buy the products cheaper'. It was only working for 3 month. I remember my target was only getting one of perfume as newbie performance bonus. After I got it I don't care anymore for many reasons: the products aren't better than other common makeup brand, member got 30% discount + many bonuses when reach certain point made me thinking how much the product actual worth, & their lipstick are shitty.

So the point is: for me mlm is just glorified reseller. You're not really working for yourself, you still working for the COMPANY. And personally I'm not willing to do it cos there are times when I don't like talking to people in general and I hate uncertainty. I need to know how much money I'll have every month to make me feel safe which make me holding on to a job that make me do comfort eating.