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22 August 2014 @ 07:45 pm
I wanna have twins ♥♥  

Aren't they so cute? (>.<) lol
I read this blog from a scrapbooker http://www.stephaniehowell.com/ for several days. ALL OF IT, except her giveaway posts & new products introductions. She has for now 4 daughters, the younger two are twins. They are so cute! (Above pic not them btw, just random pic I found when googling twins) She make me wanna have twins, which is impossible cos my family doesn't have twins dna. I'm playing The Sims 2 nowadays (which is like a decade too late lol). Then I realize that my family have 4 daughters & the younger two are twins too. Whoaa what a coincidence. hahaha

Stephanie have an interesting blog. She make me thinking 'ah I wanna have a blog too'. It'll be wonderful to record my children's life & keep it as memory by scrapbooking or simply taking pics. I don't like being photograph much tbh. My house's wall pretty bare from family pics. There's my grandparents pic, Mother Mary & Pope John & Last Supper painting. On my room, there are 4 BigBang posters. Back then it was Leonardo DiCaprio posters which I hanged together & put in rotation which one on the top. I like to be behind camera more than being in front of camera. But once upon a time in college, I realize one day when looking at pics from an event my friends & I organized, I can't find a proof that I was right there. I only showed up at probably 3 pics, 2 of it was everyone-get-together pic & one candid of my friend & I sat near her. It saddened a little so I try to participate in group-selfies more. lol

Another reason for blogging, I think I could post things I made like bracelets (my latest hobby) & my thoughts about it and the process making it. Facebook which I use to post pics right now not giving you enough space for that.
But it's still in 'things I gonna do one day' list OTL.

My mom just said 'why do you wanna have twins? looking for one baby is hard enough' Hmmm... if I truly have twins, I'll stop working & be stay-at-home mom.